Kitchen59: Turning a multi-layered business into a holistic brand


When you look at the elements of kitchen59, you will see that each of them could be a brand of its own. The hotel would attract its own guests, the dorm — its students. The Talents restaurant has existed for a while as the restaurant of HRC Culinary Academy, so it comes with its own reputation and clients, too. So should we let them live their own live and have a house of brands? Or should we close the chapter of the past and develop the sole brand of kitchen 59?


As the founders of kitchen59 have strong background in restaurants and hospitality, we knew at the heart of the brand is the love for food. Yet, food can bring so many associations in people’s minds. How did we make sure it was the one that helped the business?


It’s not enough to scribble three words on a piece of paper to define the future of a brand. It’s important to know who the brand is but also how it behaves. As they say about people, the same goes for brands: it’s through actions that you see someone’s true character.

  • kitchen59 uses the universal language of food as a way to connect to people and build a loyal community. Because food has the power to bring together strangers and unite them like a family, we use it in everything we do.
  • kitchen59 creates a culture of openness & collaboration through its activities and events. Just like its divisions come together as one, so do its people — be it guests or employees.
  • kitchen59 is a meeting place of local & global influences. In all it does, it combines flavors and mindsets from across the world. Everything at Kitchen59 is a fusion of global influence & local relevance.


We then developed a comprehensive brand launch program featuring all the right ingredients:

  1. The partners: the kitchen59 brand is designed to act like a platform and to be further developed through collaborations. So we defined the general guidelines on how to pick, brief and work with the right partners. We then selected the ones we want to collaborate with for the launch, testing the model in practice.
  2. The brand presence: we designed a brand launch plan to address the different audiences, across media channels that create a bang!
  3. The experiences: we created a program of acts and events, designed to get the people to experience the brand first-hand. We also created the guidelines on how to further develop the brand presence in an authentic way.



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